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Order paper or ink online from your Merchant Portal account. Order at your convenience and have it delivered to your store, to your corporate office, or even to a trade show.

Find out about all of the new Self Service options, including changing banking information for terminals and changing business information like addresses and phone numbers.

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Vx 510

Omni 2100

How to use this report

Description: Credit card transaction review for a particular date range.
Use:Verify transactions as they occur. Helps reduce chargebacks by avoiding errors in transactions.
Required Fields:Select at what level (corporation, location or terminal) you would like to report on as well as the start and end dates to be included in the report.
Optional Fields:The remaining fields are optional but can be used to track specific details in your report.
Date Range:45 day maximum.
Tool Tips:Hover your mouse pointer over the individual fields for more information.